Preventive Orthodontics involves children from 6 to 9 years of age. Our goal is to prevent the development of problems that if not treated will result in heavy orthodontic anomalies

Preventive Orthodontics deals with children who have prematurely lost their teeth or/and show intense orthodontic disorders in very young age. These children may exhibit teeth crowding, habits such as thumb sucking, interference of the tongue, crossbite of teeth with deviation of the mandible.

We can also observe intense prominence of the upper anterior teeth, with high risk of fracture, or skeletal anomalies (developmental difference between the maxilla and the mandible).

The mechanisms used are mobile and can be distinguished in extraoral (headgear, facemask-Delaire) and intraoral (palatal plates, functional machines). The mechanisms are applied according to the instructions of the orthodontist, 24 hours or less per day. Proper oral hygiene of the young patient is a prerequisite for a successful outcome